Shark Trolling Tips

Shark fishing is done either by slow trolling, 2-5 mph, or by simply drifting. Some catching tips are to fish in various levels. Ballyhood lures can be trolled at 15 ft deep or up to 40 ft deep. When trolling you want to have some lures on the surface, as well as when drifting. Sharks are attracted by the smell so each lure or rig needs to have a small thumb size piece of bait on the hook. Squid, Mackerel, Bluefish or Anchovies are just a few suggestions. When drifting for sharks it’s a good idea to throw out some “Chum”, cut up pieces of bait, now and then as you drift. When done drifting, turn around and troll back up through your chum slick. Many times there are sharks way back there eating the chum that you don’t know about, until you go back to where you started. A nice trick on your sub surface lures, is to attach a 6” glow stick to the lures (provided  by Ballyhood with all trolling lures), and do this “DAY” or “NIGHT”. All fish know that squid light up and they will check it out, smell the bait on the hook, and there you go. ALL HOOKED UP!

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